The Full House - 3 Days:    Photography / Ridge Preservation / Restoration Design
The Full House - 3 Days:    Photography / Ridge Preservation / Restoration Design
The Full House - 3 Days:    Photography / Ridge Preservation / Restoration Design
The Full House - 3 Days:    Photography / Ridge Preservation / Restoration Design

The Full House - 3 Days: Photography / Ridge Preservation / Restoration Design

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May 23, 24, 25
8:30AM - 6:00PM

$4350 - Includes:
3 Days of high level hands on teaching and content access. Discount is offered if all three courses are bought together. 

Individual courses can be bought separately for single day attendance

Click link for individual pricing

The complete f:ocus photography kit (see below)
Lifetime online Facebook video course access 
Lifetime support via private Facebook group

Day 1: f:ocus dental photography

-Includes the full focus pro photography kit shipped ahead of the course

- Use your included accessory kit and diffusers to take beautifully framed clinical photos

- Use your included wireless speed lights to take portraits and product photos   

- The best settings and camera setup guidance for a more user friendly experience

Day 2: 15C socket preservation course

- Universal planning and assessment with a modern focus on soft tissue principles

- Surgical and extractions techniques with hands on tooth root separation and removal 

- Evidence based ridge preservation theory. Cases, protocols and biomaterials explained

- Hands on ridge preservation protocol for different cases types and suturing techniques

Day 3: AP Ceramic Design and Implant Restoration 

- recognize different implant types, classification and the clinical relevance of each

- Hands on single unit implant impression, scanning and screw retained crown fitting

- Understand the difference between modern ceramics and how to best utilize each

- Learn how to design and prescribe any tooth or implant based ceramic restoration

Dr Minesh Patel (@mineshpatel_dentistry                                                                                   Dr Imi Nasser (@driminasser)
Ricky Patel (@ricky_revere_pictures)
Dr Andrew Elnazir (
Dr Wiktor Pietraszewski (@drvicthedentist)

  • Which camera body, lens & flash to buy for clean, simple results
  • How to use your new twin flash diffusers for nicer looking photos
  • The f:ocus formula settings for ideal colour balance & sharpness
  • Unique positioning & framing to best capture a full clinical series
  • How to use your new accessory kit to achieve better results easily
  • Flash control and diffuser positioning for bright posterior shots
  • How to take professional portraits using your new pro flash kit
  • How to take professional lab work/product photos with this kit
  • How to get photos with black or white backgrounds with ease
  • Detailed Anterior & posterior shade + effects matching protocol
  • Motivation and inspiration for better dentistry & communication!
  • Full access to all hands on course seminar videos via Facebook 
The included f:ocus complete course kit:
This will be shipped before your course and includes:
  • A bespoke fully boxed all inclusive course kit
  • The comprehensive f:ocus 250 page training book
  • ALL course content is covered in this one book
  • The amazing new f:ocus bounce card diffusers
  • Includes a set of both large and small diffusers
  • Suitable for intra oral and smile photography
  • The sleek minimalistic dual purpose flex accessory kit:
  • flextab restorative and photographic cheek retractor 
  • softouch silicone contraster for black backgrounds
  • reflect dual purpose adult occlusal & quadrant mirror
  • frame black dual purpose occlusal & quadrant retractor
  • Includes the A4 f:ocus profile portrait flash kit:
  • 2 x wireless speed light flashes with mini stands
  • 2 x large portrait panel diffusers (30cm x 21cm)
  • 1 x transmitter (Canon, Nikon, Sony compatible)
  • Floor stands may be purchased separately
  • This kit will achieve pro studio style portraits
  • It can also provide high level labwork/product shots
  • It is a slim, flat packed system & comes ready to use
  • The pro flashes are NOT a twin/ring flash substitute 
  • Pro kit incompatible with Canon 250d & 4000d
  • Lifetime video content access via Facebook:
  • Access to the full online course keynote series
  • 5 videos as presented on the hands on course
  • Access to the diffuser connection video guides
  • Continued online support via Facebook group
Course Requirements:
  • A twin flash is required to use your f:ocus diffusers
  • An SLR or mirrorless camera body and 1:1 macro lens
  • A focus formula lens and body combination is advised
  • Vist:
  • Your complete course kit will be shipped to you in advance
  • Open & explore your course kit, read the course texbook
  • You MUST bring all contents of this kit to the course
  • Accessories & cameras setups will NOT be provided
  • Ensure you clean and bring your focus accessory kit
  • Complete diffuser attachment using the link below:
  • Please visit:
  • Bring a dental item for the product photography practical
  • Examples: dental crowns/veneers/implants/polishers etc
  • Add AA batteries to the wireless Pro flashes in your Cours kit
  • Charge camera & flash batteries & empty the camera SD card